St Andrew’s Choir

We are a band of enthusiastic and committed singers, who believe in the power of music to lift the spirits and enhance worship.

That sounds grand – but we are aware of our limitations! We try to stick within them most of the time, with an occasional branching out for something to challenge the brain a little more. This is the case usually for the bigger festivals.

It is now great fun that we can sometimes join in singing with other choral enthusiasts from the team.

We practice on the first Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm, and practice in St Andrew’s Hall for twenty minutes before each Sunday 10.00am service. Numbers vary, with an average of six or seven usually covering four parts, and we are always extremely welcoming to anyone who wants a good sing – once a week or once a year, it doesn’t matter.

Leading up to Christmas we practice weekly for about seven weeks and have a choir augmented by a wonderful group of ‘occasionals’. Thanks to them, we have a really enjoyable and spiritually uplifting carol service.

We love it – come and try!